Junior Master Gardener

Membership Requirement:  4th grade with application

Financial Obligations/Dues:  $25.00 per school year

Mission/Purpose: Growing good kids by igniting a passion for learning success, and service through a unique gardening education.  

Planned Activities:  After school weekly meetings, upkeep and expansion of the school’s memorial garden, school sign, pond area and greenhouse.  Volunteering in the children’s corner at the annual spring home and garden show sponsored by the Master Gardeners of Central Georgia, Georgia National Fairgrounds, Perry.

School Number:  (478)929-7830

Club Sponsors:

Dora Waite dora.waite@hcbe.net

Dorothy Hilll dorothy.hill@hcbe.net

Cynthia VanBrunt cynthia.vanbrunt@hcbe.net