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Jennifer Gotrich Staff Photo

Graduated from Houston County Highschool in 2004

Attended Georgia Collage and State University and received a Bachelors Degree in Painting with a minor in Ceramics

Attended Georgia Collage and State University and received a Masters in Education



Hello ya'll!! Alittle about me...

I grew up in Warner Robins and graduated at HoCo...Go Bears! I was always painting and drawing. Growing up, my other hobby was softball. I realized very early that I was pretty talented when it came to painting. In Highschool, I took alot of advanced classes (including AP) and won a lot of contests and scholarships. I even contributed to lots of murals around the school and community and also lots of t-shirt designs. Highschool was where my love for painting really grew. I knew I was going to paint for the rest of my life.

I went to collage at Georgia Collage and State University because I liked the small art department and the distance the school was from home. It wasn't to far away so I could come home whenever I wanted :) While attending school, I was asked to teach a few community classes and fell in love with teaching. I met my now husband during my freshman year and we married after collage, June 2008. We stayed in Milledgeville so that I could attend graduate school and get my Master's in Education. If I was going to teach, I was going to know how to do it right :)

We moved to Warner Robins after I received a job offer at Russell in 2009. Russell was once my elementary home. I attended Russell from Kindergarten all the way through 5th grade so I was excited to come back. It has been fun teaching alongside teachers who actually taught me.

I also teach private art lessons to Homeschool students and to older students. I paint a lot at home. I make custom paintings for many different reasons and enjoy it a lot. I also love painting murals in buildings and have contributed a lot in our community.

My goal is to make my classroom safe, exciting, and fun for everyone. Everyone can enjoy art, you just gotta find the right project and a variety of teaching strategies! It's important that students have a creative outlet and my job is to help them with that. I love what I do.

When I'm not teaching or painting I'm usually hanging out with my 2year old boy Noah and my husband. I'm also getting ready for another baby to arrive in February.