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Donna Swafford Staff Photo

 "The best teachers become the best teachers by becoming their best students."

Laurie Gray

Educating and learning is not just a career choice for me. I continue to seek new knowledge and answers to questions while I continue my lifelong goals. It is important that our children realize that learning continues throughout life and does not stop after graduation. My love of learning has lead to:

Bachelor's of Education

Masters of Education

Ed.S in Educational Leadership

Ed.S in Curriculum Instruction, Management and Administration

Gifted and Talented Teaching Endorsement


Teaching has been rewarding in each of the grades I have taught. I must say that the last several years as a fifth grade teacher have been the BEST and MOST rewarding.             

         After two decades of teaching and working with students, I have realized an individual must discover and experience before learning occurs.




Being a teacher "runs in my family". My grandmother was a music teacher.Her daughters and the generation that followed are or have been either teachers or school administrators. I am proud to be a fifth grade teacher!