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Physical Education

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Dear Parent and/or Guardian:



The Physical Education Department would like to welcome your son or daughter to Russell Elementary School. Coach Collins and Coach Barker will be the physical education teachers for the upcoming school year. In this letter we want to briefly describe the physical education program at Russell Elementary School and what your child can expect to learn over the next few years. Let me begin, however, by briefly describing our professional background.

Coach Collins has a degree in health and physical education. She received her degree from Valdosta State University. This is her second year teaching elementary physical education.


Coach Barker’s degrees are in physical education and curriculum development. He received his bachelor of education from Georgia College and State University, Masters in Physical Education from Georgia Southwestern and Specialist Degree in Curriculum Development from Nova University. Coach Barker has been teaching elementary physical education since 1990.


As a result of taking these university courses and years of full time teaching, we have designed a program for children that help them develop the physical competence that lead to confidence and participation in physical activity for a lifetime. Our goal is to help children find a variety of ways to enjoy being physically active so that they will be able to get all of the physical, emotional, intellectual and social benefits that come to someone who is physically active.


The program has been designed to focus on three major areas that are contributed to one's physical health and well-being:


Movement concepts. In the early grades, for example, the program emphasizes the variety of ways we travel (e.g. running, skipping, hopping), changes of directions and speeds, and different ways to balance, jump and land.


Skill themes. Basic motor skills such as throwing, kicking, volleying, and striking with a racket are taught in the grades. In the upper grades the children are taught how to use these fundamental skills in games and sports, gymnastics and various forms of rhythmical movement.


Wellness concepts are taught throughout the program. They include, for example, healthy and unhealthy foods, and ways to improve cardiovascular endurance and flexibility.


As a teacher we recognize that children are at different developmental levels, with a variety of needs and interests. For this reason in every class we attempt to provide all of the children with Teaming experiences that are both beneficial and enjoyable. Each lesson is also adjusted to take into account the wide range of skill and fitness levels that characterizes children in elementary school. Athletic shoes are required. We are looking forward to teaching your child.