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Russell Elementary School Council

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Russell Elementary School



Members of the School Council:


Name                                                    Email Address

Jo Hall-Principal                                   jo.hall@hcbe.net

Beth Stuerman-Assistant Principal     beth.stuerman@hcbe.net

Nieshia Mitchell-Secretary                   nieshia.mitchell@hcbe.net

Wanda McKinley-Faculty                      wanda.mckinley@hcbe.net

Jennifer King-Parent                            jennifer.king@hcbe.net

Jodi Garland-Parent                                     jodigarl@gmail.com

Rose Shackelford-Business Partner            bshack1964@gmail.com

                         -Business Partner


  Click here for School Council ByLaws 


Russell Elementary School Council Meeting Dates for 2016-2017 

September 29, 2016  

December 15, 2016 

February 16, 2017 

April 6, 2017 

All meetings will begin at 7:30 am and will take place in the school conference room.


Meeting Minutes for 2016-2017

September 29 Agenda

September 29 Minutes


2015-2016 School Council Members and Meeting Schedule

Meeting Minutes for 2015-2016 

September 24 Agenda

September 24 Minutes

December 2 Agenda

December 2 Minutes

March 24 Agenda

March 24 Minutes